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AGV Corsa Iannone 2016 Sepang Winter Test


Quick Overview

During the three days of the test, the official Ducati rider raced remembering last year’s Phillip Island GP, when he struck a seagull while leading the race. The top of the helmet, rigorously finished in the Ducati flaming red colour, bears a caricature of an amusing white seagull with a dazed expression after hitting the Italian rider’s bike. The sides and the back of the helmet show Andrea’s nickname, “The Maniac” and the Ducati brand name. The rider is in better shape and spirit than ever: “Every year I raise the bar, I aim higher and I improve. There is a lot of ambition.” Of his return to AGV he says: “I am very happy to be back with AGV, an Italian trademark like Dainese: they represent the top in terms of safety and quality. Let’s hope that the future will bring us satisfaction.”


The Corsa originates from AGV Extreme Standards Helmets, an innovative process that revolutionises the helmet design method to measurably and demonstratively
improve protection against impact, compact design, field of vision, aerodynamics, lightweight, ventilation and ergonomics. AGV have set higher safety standards for
their helmets. The AGV Extreme Standards method sets homologation protection standards that are even higher than the legal requirements and assesses the results with virtual and laboratory tests.

Outer shell in CAAF (Carbon-Aramidic-Fibreglass) in 4 sizes
Differentiated density inner Expanded Polystyrene Shell (EPS)in 4 sizes
Weight: 1340 g* (+/- 50g) in first shell size.
Sizes: XS, S, MS, ML, L, XL, XXL
Double D retention system
Aerodynamics: optimised with virtual simulation software and wind tunnel tests (Z-lift coefficient = 0.317 Kg)
Visor: 3.3 mm thick, optical class 1. Patented visor lock system
Field of vision: +15° of forward vision
Linings: customisable fit
Ventilation system: partially opening air intakes
Ergonomics: contoured edge to protect against collar bone injuries

Limited edition does not reproduce either Iannone visor components or accessories, nor other sponsor logos, except for the Ducati logo which will be included.

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