The AGV K1 Rossi SoleLuna 2015 Reviewed by For Motorbikes

The AGV K1 Rossi SoleLuna 2015 Reviewed by For Motorbikes

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Find out what For Motorbikes had to say about the New AGV K1 helmet in their full review below. 

The AGV K1 Rossi SoleLuna 2015 inspired by Biplano Optimized in a racing position wind tunnel. AGV aerodynamics like no other with the addition of a new spoiler coupled with unrivalled ventilation and airflow science.  The colours available AGV K1 Gloss White,AGV K1 Gloss Black,AGV K1 Matt Black and three new 2018 additions the AGV K1 Flavum VR46, AGV K1,AGV K1Edge VR46 and the AGV K1 Rossi SoleLuna 2015. The VR46 design input is clear to see and brings out the AGV – nessss as you’d expect. Outstanding small changes making BIG differences.

The K1 Rossi SoleLuna 2015 has a horizontal 190 degree view and a vertical view optimized for sport riding thanks to Biplano Optimisations in the tunnels of race air. Whilst maintaining a race helmet here the K1 range has been catered for making the K1 eye wear ready so our cool sun glasses or indeed regular eyewear isn’t a distraction from that dangerous road.

The K1 range airflow and ventilation demonstrations were exciting and the results well, what can we say other than – outstanding. at a 33 degree position the CFD analysis results at 160 km/h. 

AGV k1 range is a good lightweight all rounder for the Sports rider seeking more vision up and down with a comfort and optimised position of 33 degree with the results of above completely blowing us away. 

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