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I was knocked off my motorbike 2 days ago and the handlebars landed on my left hand, not a bruise or a break thanks to wearing your rst gloves and gear the hospital said if I didn't have decent gear on it would have been a different outcome so just wanted to say thanks your stuff held out for me


Hi, I just want to say thanks to your RST race Tractech Evo one piece leathers I still have a leg. If I was not wearing your leathers my leg would of come away and due to the time it took for ambulance to reach me it would not of been able to be fixed.

So this is just a thanks to say great product. I've got no skin damage from the road and apart from a snapped leg I was in good condition.

Even the ambulance drivers commented on how well they had protected me and had I not been wearing them I could have lost my life.

Thanks again,

Antony Knott

Dear Sir,

I have worn RST gear now for a long time and am really impressed with the quality and protection that is provided.

On the 15th May i was reversed into by a utility truck. The guy driving saw some scrap at the side of the road, i was at a standstill about 3 car lengths away, and immediately put the vehicle into reverse, he hit me at speed and wrote my bike off. I was then hit and flung into a metal railing at the side of the road, if it hadn't been for the protection of your clothing, i may well not be here to write this. Thanks you for the quality of your gear and i can assure you that i will be replacing the damaged jacket with RST again. I will also be recommending your gear to all my friends and bike club.

Best wishes

Nick Hughes

Steven Kitching

Dear Sir/Madam,

Just a quick message to say 'thank you'.

I was taking part in an ACU Sprint/Hill Climb event a few weeks ago. During which time, my throttle stuck at approx. 70mph. The resulting crash was quite spectacular.

But the most impressive aspect was how well my 1 piece black RST leathers held together. The back, both legs and arms took the brunt of the accident and the only damage (apart from extensive scuffs) was a small hole in the knee. In addition, since I've had this set of leathers for 12 years, I considered this suit as my old faithful. And they didn't let me down.

Unfortunately, I wasn't wearing RST gloves, I was wearing a brand that was clearly inferiour due to the fact that the supposed 'race' glove comprehensively disintegrated which resulted in some extensive skin damage.

So, will I buy RST products again. YES. Well, maybe, after I've spent the kids' inheritance on repairing the bike! :)

Kind regards

Steven Kitching

Alex Lally

I have had this suit since 2004 and had many experiences of seasonal weather and it held out to the fullest! I have been through snow, rain (Showers and a major Downpour) and some really cold conditions as well as the odd rare hot summers in England & Wales. I never went out on the bike without it on! and I was riding a Cagiva Mito Evo 125cc-(2004) So like the bike the suit was new and I can really rate this suit as awesome!. I have been kept warm&dry through most showers and only really experienced a proper soaking the year it rained from 12pm at Donnington Park MotoGP and never stopped all the way back to Manchester at around 11pm. I had the wear&tear Zip break we all get over the years which was replaced by the lovely seamstress that used to work at the hospital I currently work for.

I really came to appreciate how well this suit was when I came across some black Ice one Sunny Sunday ride to work in November in 2007 - Only doing approx 20mph+ as i'd recently been stopped at lights I came to my turning but the back end slid one way and as I managed to hold it the rear tyre had obviously found it's grip and it highsided me over the handlebars and down the road along with bike! I got up dusted myself off and went to inspect my beloved bike in pieces I then checked my suit and all that I had was minimal scuffs and a little separation on my vent where it's glued into position. The road surface was like a cheese grater so had I not been wearing my suit i'd be getting taken to the hospital! I watch BSB,WSB and MotoGP and when you see some of the crashes you think how the hell did they walk away! Well it's all to do with the gear we wear!

I now use it as a spare for pillions as i'm wearing some Honda branded gear - However i'm not as confident in it as my RST suit...

The photo is me in my RST suit back in the day when I met Adam Jenkinson at HUNTS MOTORCYCLES on Kingsway in Manchester.

Alex Lally, Manchester

Michael Dawson

Hello to everyone at RST.

I've been meaning to write this email ever since my motorbike accident in January of 2013.

I was unfortunate enough to be involved in a head on collision with a car whilst coming back home from a weekend with a friend, fortunatly I was wearing my RST two piece leather suit which allowed me to come out the other side of it with only 2 broken bones in my hand and a bit of bruising on my left knee and ankle.

The leathers held up brilliantly and the only thing missing from them was one of the knee sliders which probably got burried in the car upon the impact, I still use the leathers whilst riding pillion with friends, and will continue to use them on my new bike when it comes in a few weeks!

Thanks again,

Michael Dawson

On Sunday i was involved in a head on crash with a car. Luckily i was wearing my RST tractech full armoured leather suit that saved my life.

Just had my arm rebuilt and got away with minor bruising to my back, shoulders, ribs and pelvis. Im lucky to walk away thanks to RST

Daniel Jones, Haslingden

Dave Marsden RST Paragon Jacket Dave Marsden RST Paragon Jacket


Please find enclosed my RST Paragon jacket. Nothing wrong with it as such, in fact quite the opposite.

I have been motorcycling for over 38 years and have been a motorcycle dealer for over 28 years and have sold the majority of leading brand clothing.

In fact I have even tried most of them out myself...

I have done a few miles in my time on a bike, even went around the world with that mad man, Nick Sanders in 2004.

Having tried all the claimed 100% waterproof brands, Rukka, BMW, Weisse, Hein Gericke and numerous other makes and come to the conclusion nothing is really waterproof, maybe showerproof at most, so I decided a few years ago to save myself a bit of money and buy an RST jacket.

Two reasons, it was relatively cheap and it could not be any worse than jackets costing up to 7 times its price? What did it matter at this price? Sure it would leak but at least I would feel let down!!! My expectations were somewhat low...

Well, how wrong could I be? Having used it on many trips over the last two years, covering more than 60,000 miles (100,000km) it has not once let in any water!!!

This jacket has been to Timbuktu, across America (3 times), to Russia (twice), around Australia, across South Africa, to the top of the world twice (artic circles in both Norway and Alaska) various European trips and the worst of the British weather and still out performed anything I have ever worn or sold...

The only problem with it is that it seems to have faded a little, not surprising considering some of the heat and sunshine it has I have decided to retire an undefeated champion!!!

I doubt if anybody else has tested one of your jackets so rigorously so I though you may want it back to maybe inspect it for wear and tear to aid your R&D or maybe just to gloat?!?!

This jacket has got to be one of motorcycling's best kept secrets.

I shall shortly be placing my order for a new Paragon III jacket and look forward to another 60,000 miles of dry motorcycling.

Well done guys,

Dave Marsden, Leigh, Lancashire

Raynor O'Connor

I just wanted to voice my appreciation to RST for the amazing products that you offer for such a terrific price tag.

The gear you offer for the price you do is absolutely outstanding and I know many riders who are well protected because of that. Always recommend your products to friends, and I'll swear by it any day of the week.

Had a pretty bad stack last year, and your gear was what made my stay in hospital 8 days instead of 8 weeks. The leather barely looked like it had been touched and none of my shoulders, elbows, ankles or knees or spine suffered any kind of impact damage. Literally couldn't have done it without you, heck you guys probably saved my life.

Keep doing what you do, cause your gear is perfect!!!

Regards, Ray.

Raynor O'Connor, Melbourne, Australia

Melanie Gange - RST saved my skin Melanie Gange - RST saved my skin

I was out on my bike on Saturday 26th May enjoying a leisurely ride up to the lakes, when elements out of my control caused my bike to weave towards the hard shoulder and up the embankment, writing off my beloved Honda Hornet.

Despite the fact that I was on the motorway at 70mph when I came off and bounced along the embankment and hard shoulder, I came out of it with a dislocated elbow (my arm is now in a cast), a couple of decent bruises and some minor scratches, which reinforces the need for good kit.

It's thanks to RST that I came out of it so well. The only real damage to my kit was caused by the paramedics cutting it off me in hospital in order to assess the full extent of my injuries.

Thank you RST.

Melanie Gange, Lancashire

Hi there,

I recently purchased a RST one piece rain suit for Shifter Kart racing, i just wish to say what a great product, for the use i have it keeps me dry and warm all day while racing and while in the pits. There is now 3 or 4 racers wearing your product at our club and all are of the same opinion.

Cheers from NZ.

Peter Hoare, New Zealand

Dear Team RST,

To all the team at RST performance race wear, first of all I would like to say thank you!

As to why I am giving thanks, a little over a month ago I was involved in an accident in which I was wearing one of your products and I feel it is die to this fact that I came away from the accident relatively unhurt.

The suit was bought because of the way it looked, as I am sure many are. Never did I think that I would find out that the suit performed even better than it looked.

My accident happened in Scotland on the M9 motorway just outside Stirling at a speed of 70mph, due to a car driver not using mirrors. I hit the road left arm first followed by the right hand and this send me into a tumble, knowing that if I kept of tumbling I was going to end up breaking something. So somehow I managed to put myself into a sit-up position looking at the driver that had just taken me off my bike and finished off with watching my beautiful Honda disappearing down the road in a cloud of smoke and sparks.

Now not only do I was to thank you but I thought you may be interested in seeing the suit and how one of your products performed during the ultimate field test. Even though the suit performed an outstanding job there was one small thing came up during the accident and that was the zip on the left arm. This caused the sleeve to slide up my arm and the skin on my forearm was then transferred to the tarmac but considering that almost all of my body came into contact with the road at some point I think that the suit did an outstanding job overall.

Testing your products is probably something that you have down to a fine art and I only send this in the hope that it may be of some use to you, as I am sure that you wouldn’t have some poor chap bin his at 70mph to test one of your suits and I believe that is no substitute for the real thing ;)

Once again I thank you all.

Customer for life, David Ferguson

David Ferguson, West Lothian, Scotland

Recently, I was knocked off my motorbike, a Suzuki SV 650s, and landed quite heavily on a hard road surface. I was only traveling between 25 to 30 mph at the time of the collision but I'm happy to say that my RST two piece leather suit saved me from serious road rash and bruising. I did receive some scrapes on my left shoulder and was wondering if that might have been caused by the zip for the inner lining, but that is nothing compared to what could have happened if I hadn't been wearing the suit.

I bought them new just two weeks ago because they appeared to be good quality and at a good price. Now I know they are of excellent quality at a bargain price and I'm glad I was wearing them at the time of the accident.

Keep up the good work and thanks.

Michael J Quarterman