AGV Pista GP-R Gloss Carbon Helmet

Looking for a helmet that offers both style and safety then check out the AGV Pista GP-R.

Our gloss carbon helmet offers all the latest features all compact into our stylish shell, the gloss carbon helmet is light weight due to it being made from carbon fibre and easy to clean due to its plastic coating around the shell.


The helmet also has breathable micro-porous lining and fabric as well as an advanced ventilation system including Moto GP developed metal air vents which helps the helmet to be more breathable without damaging the safety of the helmet.

This full face motorcycle helmet is built for racing and is the top of the range AGV Helmet. This helmet also has a built-in hydration system and a wind tunnel tested biplane spoiler which maximises the aerodynamic performance and adds stability at high speed which is perfect if you’re looking for a racing helmet.


If you’re looking for style and safety then why not check out the Pista GP-R helmet worn by the doctor himself Valentino Rossi.

Available in sizes: XS, S, MS, ML, L, XL

RPP: £899.99

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